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Mexico Release Archive
(in reverse order)

November Leading Index Increased 0.3 Percent (Release date: January 16, 2004)
October Leading Index Increased 0.4 Percent (Release date: December 17, 2003)
September Leading Index decreased 0.3 Percent (Release date: November 14, 2003)
August Leading Index decreased 0.2 Percent (Release date: October 16, 2003)
July Leading Index Increases (Release date: September 19, 2003)
June Leading Index Increases (Release date: August 18, 2003)
May Leading Index Increases (Release date: July 16, 2003)
April Leading Index Unchanged (Release date: June 16, 2003)
March Leading Index Unchanged (Release date: May 15, 2003)
February Leading Index Increases (Release date: April 16, 2003)
January Leading Index Unchanged (Release date: March 13, 2003)
December Leading Index Increases (Release date: February 14, 2003)
November Leading Index Decreases (Release date: January 14, 2003)
October Mexico Leading Index Decreases in October (Release date: 12-17-02)
September Mexico Composite Indexes Decrease in September (Release date: 11-21-02)
August Mexico Composite Indexes Indicate a Muted Recovery (Release date: 10-17-02)
July Mexico indexes show signs of weakness (Release date: 09-19-02)
June Mexico Composite Indexes Increase in June (Release date: 08-22-02)
May Mexico Leading Index Declines Modestly (Release date: 07-18-02)
April Mexico Leading Index Increases in April (Release date: 06-21-02)
March Mexico Composite Indexes Strengthen in March (Release date: 05-20-02)
February Mexico Composite Indexes Increase in February (Release date: 04-22-02)
January Mexico Leading Index Improves Again in January (Release date: 03-18-02)
December Mexico Leading Index Rebounds (Release date: 02-14-02)
November Mexico Composite Indexes Indicate Sluggishness (Release date: 01-17-02)
October Mexico Composite Indexes Drop in October (Release date: 12-18-01)
September Mexico Composite Indexes Decline in September (Release date: 11-28-01)
August Mexico Composite Indexes Drop in August (Release date: 10-24-01)
July Mexico Leading Index Declines (Release date: September 26, 2001)
June Leading Index Remains Flat (Release date: August 28, 2001)
May Leading Index increased 0.4 percent (Release date: July 26, 2001)
April Leading Index increased 0.4 percent (Release date: July 3, 2001)
March Leading Index decreased 0.2 percent (Release date: June 5, 2001)

Notes: Releases are typically made at the end of each month and cover data for one month prior. The headlines above are for the initial or preliminary values in each release. The current version of the leading index may have different values due to revisions in index methodology and data. Coincident index is released with leading index.

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